It could be argued that the Christian family is God’s greatest lighthouse for a world adrift.

青年 & 家庭 concentration in the 认证 田园 ministry major at Appalachian Bible 大学 focuses on the varied needs of different age groups in the church. 的 training provides a clear model of God’s pattern for the family and personhood to counter the destructive influences of the current culture.

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Who will serve the desperate people ravaged by sexual and gender confusion and non-traditional family structures? 福音 can transform lives — and you can be the messenger. Studying 田园 - 青年 & 家庭 will equip you to minister in a culture where Biblical principles are increasingly controversial.

澳门博彩游戏送彩金 believes 田园 graduates must be grounded in Biblical truth, not current philosophy or the latest trendy method. 的 双学位 in Bible / 的ology and 田园 ministry with a 青年 & 家庭 concentration provides a solid foundation for ministry that lasts.

You will also take specialized courses that go beyond the core pastoral training to deal with

  • children’s ministry
  • contemporary issues
  • 育儿
  • Biblical manhood and womanhood

田园 students are required to do an internship with an experienced local church pastor. This internship may be during a summer or over two semesters during school.


Dr. 约翰·莱因哈特

Dr. 约翰·莱因哈特 - Chair of the 田园 Ministry Major

In 30 years of full-time Christian service, God has given me experience in a wide range of church ministries, 从公共汽车 ministry and Sunday school to church staff and deacon. At present, alongside my role as professor at 澳门博彩游戏送彩金, I serve as pastor of Lester Baptist Church. I am thankful for the privilege to help train pastoral students on a college level.

澳门博彩游戏送彩金’s 田园 major emphasizes expository preaching of God’s Word and making disciples through local church ministry. It is our joy to train men whose hearts and heads are tuned to God’s Word and who understand the need to unleash the power of His Word in cultures that are empty and seeking after things that cannot satisfy. We want the world to know that Jesus saves and satisfies the longing heart!

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Why 田园 - 青年 & 家庭?


青年 & 家庭 concentration provides the most comprehensive curriculum for the pastoral student who wants to be well rounded in family ministry. Classes are selected from the former 青年 & 家庭 ministry major which was one of the most popular programs in the college. 的se courses provide the student with both general pastoral training and specialized training in issues related to the various age groups in the church.

Upon graduation, you will be suited to help guide the church in ministry to families and youth through discipleship, 护理, and the implementation of a Biblical philosophy of ministry.

Career Ministry Opportunities

  • 年轻的牧师
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Pastor of 家庭 Ministry
  • 大学 & Career Ministry
  • 田园保健 & 门徒

目标 & 结果

You will be trained in… 导致……
Sermon development based upon an accurate exposition of the Scriptures challenging hearers to align themselves with God's truth.
Doctrinal and practical issues a pastor will face in ministry resolving individual and church issues in a manner that pleases the Lord.
Helping the congregation to see the need for both evangelism and discipleship implementing them in ways that are both Scripturally sound and God-honoring.

田园 Courses


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