Are you gifted in music but also love youth ministry? Do you enjoy camping ministry yet find 你的self burdened for missions? 也许 the Lord has placed on 你的 life a unique 调用; now you need the best specialized training to hone that passion.

获得一个 认证 bachelor's degree with a 双学位 in Bible / Theology 和 Interdisciplinary ministry will equip you in two 方法. It will provide a robust Bible 和 theology core give you flexibility to take ministry-specific courses. 在一起, these components will effectively prepare you for a lifetime of serving God with 你的 人才.

The 澳门博彩游戏送彩金 Advantage


By taking more than 30 hours of elective classes 和 courses at Appalachian Bible College, you can concentrate in two or more disciplines. The range of choices 和 the opportunities to specialize in multiple areas creates a major that is best tailored to 你的 academic 和 ministry goals.


Dr. Joel Pinter - Interdisciplinary Chair

Dr. Joel Pinter - Interdisciplinary Chair

I am excited about the Bible / Theology core curriculum in the Interdisciplinary Major. This ministry major also provides flexibility for students, enabling them to design a program to fit their particular interests, 人才, or 调用.

The Interdisciplinary Major contains components of 圣经和神学, General Education, 和 Ministry specialization that have characterized the Bible College Movement which has provided effective pastors 和 missionaries who have carried forth the Great Commission through evangelism 和 church planting in our country 和 around the world.

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Why Interdisciplinary?


With the Interdisciplinary Major, you can custom-build 你的 own curriculum. Choose the 认证 圣经和神学 bachelor’s degree with the Interdisciplinary Major at Appalachian Bible College to develop top skills in multiple areas 和 pursue 你的 heart's passion!

澳门博彩游戏送彩金's Interdisciplinary Major may be what you need to graduate in a timely manner. Should you desire to change 你的 major, the Interdisciplinary Major with its many elective hours may be the best choice since courses from the previous major could count as Interdisciplinary ministry electives. If you want to transfer to a Bible College, 澳门博彩游戏送彩金’s Interdisciplinary Major may provide the opportunity to continue college studies without falling far behind since previous college courses may transfer as electives in the Interdisciplinary Major.

Potential Ministry Combinations

  • 田园 和 音乐
  • 音乐 和 任务
  • 任务 和 Biblical Counseling
  • Camping 和 Youth Ministry
  • Youth Ministry 和 田园
  • Elementary Education 和 任务

目标 & 结果

You will be trained in… 导致……
你的 choice of ministry courses that match 你的 giftedness 和 passion development of 你的 particular interests, 人才, or 调用 for effective service in the Body of Christ.
a comprehensive underst和ing of Bible 和 theology giving God his rightful place 和 enabling a stable approach to Biblical church ministry.
sound principles of Bible interpretation 和 the content of all the books of the Bible a balanced underst和ing of the whole Bible along with growing exegetical skills.
a 圣经 based philosophy of church planting effective church ministry rooted in God’s Word.
Biblical patterns of evangelism 和 discipleship scripturally sound 和 God-honoring service in world missions.
Christlikeness befitting a good disciple of the Lord effectiveness 和 godly change in 你的 own life 和 the lives of others for the glory of God.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Interdisciplinary Courses Interdisciplinary Checksheet


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